• Close up of Orange and Yellow Fused Glass Western Red Lily wall mounted
  • Orange and Yellow Fused Glass Western Red Lily size
  • Orange and Yellow Fused Glass Western Red Lily wall mounted
  • Orange and Yellow Fused Glass Western Red Lily wall mounted

Western Red Lily


Beautify your home and garden with the fused glass Western Red Lily. Artwork with a big personality, this lily can also be mounted on a wall or fence.

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The stunning Western Red Lily is a spontaneous pop of colour, often seen during prairie nature hikes.

  • Vibrant red petals fading to yellow with dark speckles
  • Perennial prairie wildflower design
  • Suitable for outdoor garden art or indoor wall decor
  • 12″ diameter, 3″ depth
  • Two options for mounting hardware

Sassy orange-red petals of the Western Red Lily are a delight to see during a woodland hike. This type of lily has smooth, evenly curved petals. Because of this, the sunlight twinkles on the gentle curved glass, shining amongst the foliage of your gardens. True to its inspiration, the Western Red Lily has bright red petals which fade to a cheerful yellow with a hint of green in the heart. The dark speckles add realistic elegance to this piece. The vibrant colours of this lily are a beautiful addition of colour to add to any garden.

Measuring approximately 12″ in diameter and 3″ in depth, the gorgeous fused glass replica is an everlasting bloom to enjoy all summer long. In other words, once your lilies have bloomed out, you’ll still have plenty of beautiful colour to enjoy in your gardens!

This Western Red Lily has two options for mounting hardware. It can be mounted on a copper stake to secure into the soil in your garden. As a result, your fused glass garden art blends right in with your live blooms. Alternatively, you can mount the flower as wall decor either on a fence, or in your home on the wall. A fused glass lily is a perfect gift for the gardener who has everything.

Check out the little sister of this lily; the Baby Western Red Lily.

How it’s Made:

We create the Western Red Lily using a series of sequential steps. First, we cut the petals from sheet glass, grinding each piece to the right size and shape. Next, we place the petals in the kiln and fuse to the proper thickness. Once the petals cool, we add coloured glass powders, blending the shades, and place the glass back into the kiln. After the desired colour density is achieved, the petals are slumped into the curved lily shape.

Each time we fire the glass, it is processed through an annealing cycle. This strengthens the glass by releasing internal stresses within the glass. In other words, your glass lily is more durable than regular glass and can be enjoyed for many years.

Once the glass is slumped and cooled, we drill the central hole in the lily. This allows the bolt to pass through the glass to secure to the copper garden stake, or to be mounted to the wall.

Stamens for the Western Red Lily are soldered. Then, we add a patina to darken the tips. Finally, we clean the stamens and attach them to the lily either using a bolt for copper garden stakes, or a wood screw for wall mounting.

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*Note: To protect your lily from hail and other terrifying weather, bring your lily indoors during severe thunderstorm warnings. Store glass garden art safely indoors for the winter.
Western Red Lily Close Up
Close up of Orange and Yellow Fused Glass Western Red Lily wall mounted

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Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 cm


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