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Snowman Standup


An avid bird watcher, Frosty loves his feathered friends. The Snowman Standup freezes this interaction between snowman and cardinal, without any frostbite!

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Snowman Standup

Where does a snowman dance?

At a snow ball.  

  • Textured glass snowman and cardinal
  • Conservative size appropriate for office desk
  • Kiln Fired for strength and durability
  • Dimensions are 5″x6″
  • Wood block or acrylic easel display

Do you feed the birds? Frosty would appreciate it if you could, so he can see his feathered friends regularly! The Snowman Standup celebrates the fun of winter; building a snowman, and feeding the birds a tasty winter treat! 

Measuring approximately 5×6″, this glass decor is a perfect size to bring a pop of colour to your space. Whether you add to your office, or brighten up your shelf, this piece of fused glass art is a perfect addition to any space.

Display your touchable fused glass art in your choice of wooden block or clear acrylic easel. Either of these display options allow light to travel through the glass, for a sparkling and glowing display!

How’s It Made?

Handcrafted from art glass, we create the Snowman Standup using multiple steps. First, we cut and polish the clear glass to the appropriate size. Then, we prepare each of the individual pieces. We cut circles for the snowman, then shape them so they are perfectly round. Next, we cut the hat, scarf, and carrot nose.

For the bird feeder, we use a thin flat piece of glass cut to the appropriate length for the pole. Then, we cut and arrange the house shaped feeder. The red cardinal is cut from a small piece of glass, then carefully shaped into the bird figure. 

We add the dots, which we prepare in large batches, for eyes, mouth, and buttons. Last, we add the snowflake frits. Then we carefully place the glass into the kiln. 

We kiln fire the glass to allow all of the design elements to fuse together. The colour is the glass itself, you won’t ever have to worry about the colour fading or washing off. During the firing, the glass is annealed. Because of this, the strength and durability of the glass is increased, so you know it will last for as long as you own the glass art.

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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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