• The fused glass Snowman lantern with an LED candle inside. The opposite sides show a snow angel design.
  • Close up of the Snowman Lantern details. There are snowflakes around the snowman holding a cardinal, and the opposite panels show snow angels.
  • Fused glass Snowman Lantern showing a snowman looking at a cardinal on a bird feeder. The snowman has a red scarf and a black top hat.
  • The back panel of the fused glass Snowman Lantern, showing a snowman holding a cardinal.
  • Close up of Snowman Lantern showing a fused glass snowman holding a cardinal.
  • The fused glass Snowman lantern with an LED candle inside. The opposite sides show a snow angel design.

Snowman Lantern


This Frosty won’t melt at the end of the season! Delight with the fused glass Snowman Lantern indoors or out, and warm your home with a fun, wintry scene.

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Snowman Lantern

He was made of snow, but the children know he came to life one day

  • Playful winter designs
  • Quality metal lantern
  • Suitable for Indoor Decor or Outdoor Decor
  • 6″ x 6″ x 11″
  • Kiln-fired for strength and durability

A little known fact about Frosty is that he is an avid bird watcher. He loves to see Chickadees and that one Nuthatch visit, and is just tickled every time he sees a Cedar Waxwing fly through. Enjoy the birds and the snow year round with this fused glass Snowman Lantern.

When was the last time you fell in the snow to make a snow angel? There’s something childlike and freeing, laying in a cradle of snow and staring up at the sky. This glass art captures the essence of your childhood winters, perfect for reminiscing by the fire.

Measuring approximately 6″ x 6″ by 11″ in height, the Snowman Lantern is a perfect size to enjoy for indoor home decor. One option would be to display the lantern as a tabletop centrepiece. With each side a unique detailed design, the sides can be viewed from any angle, and is sure to be a conversation starter. Another option to consider; you can display the lantern easily on the floor as an accent piece, or as outdoor decor on the patio or step to welcome your winter guests.

How’s it made?

We create this fused glass winter lantern using multiple steps. First, we cut and polish the clear glass to size. Using glass powders, we sift a layer of “snow” onto the glass, then create the snow angel design in the powder. Next, we add blue frits into the snow for a little added sparkle.

For the snowmen, we cut the white pieces for the snowman body and head, the black pieces for the bird feeder, and the tiny carrot nose. We shape the body using a diamond grinder, and clean all of the pieces. Next, we arrange the pieces on the clear sheet glass, adding the design elements carefully in the right place. We add in black dots for coal eyes and buttons, then finish by sprinkling the white snowflakes on the design.  (Watch how we made the coal dots here!)

Finally, we place the glass into the kiln and fire to a moderate temperature ensuring the finished pieces have the perfect amount of texture. During the firing process, we anneal the glass which relieves internal stress within the glass. This ensures you can enjoy your lantern decor for many years to come.

Because the colour in the design is the glass itself, you don’t have to worry about the colour fading or washing away. You can enjoy the fun details of the Snowman Lantern for as long as you own the art!

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Heather Dawson with 7 foot tall snowman

What?? That’s the biggest snowman you’ve ever seen? Well, I think it’s the biggest I’ve ever made. And I nearly gave myself a hernia rolling that snowball. 

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