• Stained glass terrarium in the shape of a house with fun sayings on the sides. There are three succulents in pots inside the terrarium.
  • Hand showing a removable roof on a stained glass terrarium. One side reads "It's Gettin' Hot in Here".
  • Stained glass terrarium with the words "Not Dead Yet" on one side.
  • Stained glass terrarium with the words "Can't Touch This" on one side.
  • Stained glass terrarium with the words "Stayin' Alive" on one side.
  • Close up of a stained glass terrarium with the words "Can't Touch This" and a cactus inside.

Sassy Terrarium


Whether you have two green thumbs, or you’re still learning, the stained glass Sassy Terrarium will keep you and your plants smiling.

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“Can’t Touch This”

         – MC Hammer

  • Quirky hand painted quotes
  • Simplistic geometric design
  • Removable roof for easy access
  • Constructed using Lead-Free solder
  • Dimensions approximately 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ x 4″ high
  • Ideal for air plants, cactus, or gemstones

Show your style for  your small air plants and cacti with the fun Sassy Terrarium. Viewable from any angle, the terrarium can be turned for a different quote each day. Conservative in size, the stained glass terrarium will glint in the sunlight on your desk while keeping your air plants and cacti happily housed. 

Each side of the stained glass terrarium has a fun and sassy quote. The quotes read: Can’t Touch This, Stayin’ Alive, It’s Gettin Hot in Here, and Not Dead Yet. Each of the quotes are hand painted and sintered into the surface of the glass, making them permanent.

Measuring approximately 4-1/2″ wide by 4″ in height, we solder the stained glass terrarium using lead-free solder. This ensures the safety of your plants as well as the glass art. Additionally, the terrarium has four rubber bumper feet to keep it stable as well as protecting your desk or shelf.

The removable lid makes it easy to clean or arrange your plants inside the terrarium. The lid has four small pins to help align the lid when setting it back onto the base. 

The terrarium design is available in a variety of sizes and formats; the hanging Diamond Terrarium, and the Desert Terrarium.

How’s It Made?

Handcrafted from art glass, we create the Sassy Terrarium using multiple steps. First, we cut the shapes for each of the terrarium sides from clear glass. Next, we shape the sides to remove any uneven edges. Once the sides are squared, we clean and dry the pieces.

Next, we hand paint the lettering for the quotes on each side. We arrange the pieces in the kiln and sinter the enamels onto the surface of the glass. This means you don’t ever have to worry about the design fading or washing off.

We wrap each of the pieces in a copper foil. Solder doesn’t stick to the glass itself, so the copper acts as the medium to hold the pieces together. The solder adheres to the copper foil on the edge of the two pieces, and this holds the pieces together. We use a lead-free solder for safety; for you, and for your plants.

Once soldered, we add a patina to the solder to chemically oxidize the solder. This turns all of the solder lines black. Lastly, we add a wax to polish the glass and protect the solder.

The final touch is adding  four bumper feet to keep the Sassy Terrarium stable, and to protect your desk or shelf from scratches.

See the entire collection here; The Green Thumb Collection.

Note: Water sparingly. The terrarium has no drainage, and standing water will loosen the stained glass foil, as well as contribute to root rot. 
Stained Glass Terrarium with the words Can't Touch This on the side and a succulent in front

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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