River Rock Jewelry Set


Put your feet in the stream and feel grounded to Mother Earth. The River Rock Jewelry Set is a pre-matched set to help you feel connected.



River Rock Jewelry Set

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

– Heraclitus

  • Pebbled Texture to mimic River Rocks
  • Pair-Matched Set
  • Designed for comfort and all day wear
  • Adjustable length black cording
  • Surgical Stainless Steel Ear Wires
  • Kiln Fired for strength and durability

Enjoy a pre-matched set with the River Rock Jewelry Set this season. When you feel a need to connect with nature and become grounded, this earthy set is the perfect choice.  An abstract sprinkling of glass frits resembling polished stones encased in glass, is a beautiful way to connect.

Moderately sized in design, both the fused glass pendant and earrings are a comfortable size, suitable for all-day wear. This matched set makes it easy to choose the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

The colours in the River Rock Jewelry Set are the glass itself. The mottled appearance results from a reaction during the kiln firing, giving the speckled stone look. Because the colour is the actual pieces of glass, you never have to worry about the colour fading or washing off.

How’s it made?

The glass beads for the River Rock Jewelry Set is first constructed using one large sheet of glass, and various sizes of glass frits. Once the sheet is fired, we then cut up the sheet into the desired sizes and cold work using diamond grinders to shape the pieces. Next, the shaped pieces are again kiln fired and annealed for durability. In other words, this jewelry is strong enough for daily wear. The overall length of the glass is approximately 2″ for pillars pendants, and 1″ for round. Both styles of earrings are approximately 2″ long overall.

The black cording for the pendant is a satin weave rayon cording, which helps to eliminate uncomfortable allergic reactions to some metals. The knots on the cord are tied in a way that they slide, making the cord adjustable in length. The earrings have surgical stainless steel ear wires, to allow a comfortable wear all day long. The earrings have rubber stoppers included, so you never have to worry about losing an earring.

Love it but just looking for part of the set? Check out the River Rock Earrings, and the River Rock Pendant to choose your best fit.

Did you know?

You can send your River Rock Jewelry Set directly to your recipient! I’ll even include a personalized gift note; just enter the contents of your desired note in the order notes at checkout! A perfect surprise for Mother’s Day this year, or even a little gift to yourself.

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Fused Glass River Rock Round Jewelry Set with eucalyptus branches
Fused Glass River Rock Pillar Jewelry Set with river rocks, spa towel, and branch
Fused Glass River Rock Round Jewelry Set Size Grid
Fused Glass River Rock Pillar Jewelry Set Size Grid

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 2 cm


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