• Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves showing open door
  • Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves on a step
  • Glowing Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves
  • Close up of Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves
  • Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves
  • Fused Glass Autumn Lantern with Glass Leaves

Resplendent Autumn Lantern


The joys of a Resplendent Autumn are shared with this colourful lantern; vibrant leaves, floating gently to the ground to turn into earth and nourish their tree once again.

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The Resplendent Autumn Lantern is a gentle reminder from the trees that change can be a good thing. Certainly, the beautiful colours of this season show us that longevity can help us grow into showing our most gorgeous self.

  • Hand crafted Glass Leaves
  • Quality Metal Lantern
  • Kiln-Fired for strength and durability
  • Bright and Calming Design
  • Dimensions are 6″x6″x12″
The uniquely hand crafted leaves in the Resplendent Autumn Lantern are comprised of vibrantly coloured powdered glass. As such, the colours of the leaves are the glass itself and won’t ever wash off or fade. The one of a kind leaves are kiln-fired into the glass, so the designs are part of the lantern panes. The firing and annealing process realign the molecules and strengthen the glass. In other words, the glass is more durable than regular single pane window glass.

The glass panes are cut and installed into a quality metal lantern. This ensures that you will receive a safe and durable lantern. The Resplendent Autumn Lantern has a hinged metal door with a magnetic latch, so that you can easily place a pillar candle or flickering LED light inside. The leaves will dance in the flickering light, and remind you of the wind stirring the golden leaves across the green grass carpet.

This cheerful lantern has a footprint of 6″x6″ and is a modest 12″ in height. Because of it’s size, it makes a perfect choice for a tabletop centrepiece, or to add a little seasonal decor to a corner of the room needing some colour. In addition, the Resplendent Autumn Lantern gives a nice, calming ambience to the front steps of your home this season.

And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall. 

~ Oscar Wilde

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm


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