• Poppy Dream Fused Glass Lantern
  • Close up of fused glass Poppies
  • Closeup of Fused Glass Poppies
  • Poppy Dream Lantern in White
  • Poppy Dream Lantern in White
  • Poppy Dream Lantern in White

Poppy Dream Lantern


Vibrant red glass poppies sway in the breeze. Classy green stems catch the flickering candlelight. The beautiful and unique Poppy Dream Lantern is a perfect gift, as either an indoor or outdoor lantern.

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Poppy stems dance and sway in the glowing candle light of the Poppy Dream Lantern.

  • Unique Individual Panels
  • Quality Metal Lantern
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor
  • 6″ x 6″ x 11″
  • Available in Black or White

A vibrant and cheerful landscape, the Poppy Dream Lantern has four uniquely handmade sides of fused glass panes. As a result, every lantern is entirely original. Vibrant red glass poppies, and classy green stems catch the light in this beautiful lantern. The colours in the lantern are the glass itself. In other words, the designs will never fade or wash off. During the firing process, the glass is annealed for strength and durability. Because of this, the glass is stronger and will last for many years to come.

While each lantern is unique, it is available in either a white lantern or a black lantern, depending on your preference. Both styles are suitable to display indoors or outdoors.

Measuring approximately 6″ x 6″ by 11″ in height, the lantern is a perfect size to enjoy happy or solemn memories displaying the lantern as a tabletop centrepiece. Similarly, display the lantern easily on the floor as an accent piece, or on the front step to make a proud statement.

The use of a vitrigraph (“vitri” meaning glass, and “graph” meaning to write) creates each of the curling stems. Pulling and shaping each of the pieces individually allows for the unique bends and curls. In addition, hand shaped poppy buds are sprinkled through the design. For example, you can see how the vitrigraph works in the images and video below.

Tight on Space?

Not enough room for a large piece of glass art? If you’re looking for something a little smaller or to mail a loved one a gift, make sure to check out the Poppy Sun Catcher.  

Vitrigraph Glass Pull

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm

Variation 1, Variation 2, Variation 3, Variation 4

Lantern Colour

Black, White


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