• White outline of polar bear
  • White outline of polar bear
  • Polar dreams fused glass bear pendant size chart
  • Polar Dreams Pendant with sitting polar bear looking up
  • Polar Dreams fused glass pendant
  • Close up of Polar Dreams fused glass Pendant

Polar Dreams Pendant


A beautiful white polar bear, available in two styles. The Polar Dreams Pendant, watching the aurora, and the Churchill Pendant wanders the tundra.


Polar Dreams Pendant

The two bears thought they were not meant to be together, as they were Polar opposites.

  • Two simplistic design options
  • Approximately 2″ wide
  • Kiln-fired for strength and durability
  • Adjustable satin-weave rayon cord

Either design of the Polar Dreams Pendant will have you dreaming of cozy bear hugs. The Churchill design is a stylized suggestion shape, while the Polar Dreams design has minimal detailing added. Either design is ideal for the Polar Bear lover in your life.

The Churchill design is a commercially made casting mold, used to create the bear shape using glass frits. Meanwhile, the Polar Dreams design is a hand pinched clay mold we designed and carved. She sits and watches the auroras dancing in the sky, waiting for shooting stars.

The polar bear of Churchill, Manitoba,  is a symbol of endurance and strength, acceptance and surrender, and most of all, adaptation. Winnipeg is home to a magnificent Polar Bear habitat at Assiniboine Park Zoo. You can read more about the exhibit and learn about research and conservation efforts here.

The Polar Dreams Pendant is approximately 2″ wide. Either style of bear has an adjustable satin-weave cord. We tie the cording with a special knot which allows the pendant to be worn at full length (approximately 24″), or shortened as much to become a choker necklace. The adjustable cord makes it easy to slip over your head as you’re walking out the door.

How’s it Made?

We create this fused glass jewelry with multiple steps. First, we prepare the ceramic molds with a release which inhibits the glass from sticking permanently to the mold. Next, we weigh out the appropriate amount of glass frits for the desired thickness. Once the frits are filled in the molds and levelled, the molds are placed into the kiln. We fire the glass at a moderate temperature for long enough to allow the air between the glass frits to escape, resulting in a solid casting.

Once the glass castings have cooled, depending on the design, we add detailing and sinter fire the enamels into the glass, or finish the jewelry by drilling the pendants and adding the wire bail and cording. Because the colour of the pendants is the glass itself, you never have to worry about them fading or washing off.

If you are a Polar Bear fanatic, be sure to check the Polar Dreams Lantern which features both the Churchill and Polar Dreams designs.

White outline of polar bear
Polar dreams fused glass bear pendant size chart

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 cm


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