• Fused Glass Spiderweb Lantern with door open
  • Fused Glass Spiderweb Lantern on a step
  • Glowing Fused Glass Spiderweb Lantern
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  • Fused Glass Spiderweb Lantern
  • Fused Glass Spiderweb Lantern with door open

Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern


If you picture a spiderweb in your mind, chances are that you’re probably thinking of the spiralling design of the Orb-Weaver, like this beautifully hand painted Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern.

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Embrace your inner 8-legged self with the Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern. 

  • Hand painted Spiderweb¬†
  • Quality Metal Lantern
  • Unique Freehand Design
  • Kiln Fired for Durability and Strength
  • Dimensions are 6″x6″x12″
The detailed black spiderweb of the Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern are hand painted, which ensures your Spiderweb Lantern is one of a kind. The web is painted using a black enamel, which is kiln-fired into the surface of the glass. That is to say, the design will never fade or wash off, and you can enjoy this spooky lantern for many years.

The firing process realigns the glass molecules during the annealing process. In other words, the glass panels are stronger and more durable than regular single pane glass.

The Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern is the perfect addition to your fall decor. Measuring 6″x6″ at the base, and 12″ tall, this nicely sized lantern will add a spooky feel as a centrepiece on the table or a subtle accent on the floor. On the other hand, it also looks great on the front step or porch. Consequently, using a pillar candle or LED candle will keep the webs flickering all night in your Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern.

Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Fun Fact:

Over 3,500 species of orb weavers have been identified throughout the world. Moreover, nearly 200 species are found in North America alone. 

The beautifully formed web of an orb spider is a marvel of nature. The spider begins by spinning multiple threads radiating out from the web’s center. Next, it will spin the characteristic threads to give the web its circular appearance. The spider uses the non-sticky “spokes” of the web for walking, while the sticky circular threads serve to capture unwary insects.

While you won’t catch many insects in the Orb-Weaver Spiderweb Lantern, you will certainly catch a few eyes and the attention of your dinner guests.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm


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