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My Heart Standup


Give your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s Day! Choose between a clean and simple anatomical heart, or one with coloured and textured frits.


My Heart Standup

“When you said you give me your heart, I didn’t expect it to be so squishy.”
  • Screen Printed Anatomical Heart
  • Conservative size appropriate for office space
  • Kiln Fired for strength and durability
  • Dimensions are 5″x6″
  • Wood block or acrylic easel

Share your heart with those you love! The My Heart Standup is not for the squeamish; the screen printed anatomical heart design is a fun take on a Valentine’s Day gift.

Measuring approximately 5×6″, this glass decor is a perfect size to add a pop of art to your space. Whether you display in your office, or add to your fireplace mantle, this piece of art will definitely add some heart to space.

This unique piece has the added bonus of being a small dry-erase doodle board. Using either coloured dry-erase or coloured Sharpie markers, you can add your own flair to the glass, then simply wipe off and repeat. Great for stress relief, and for jotting down notes of affirmation for your work day! Display your fused glass art in your choice of wooden block or clear acrylic easel.

How’s It Made?

Handcrafted from art glass, we create the My Heart Standup using multiple steps. First, we create the design and stencil for the screen. After preparing the mesh, we expose the design, rinse the screen and allow it to dry. Next, we cut and polish the glass to the appropriate size. Next, we use the prepared screen to print the design onto the glass using enamels. Before firing, we check each print for quality and touch up any defects.

We kiln fire the glass to sinter the enamels into the surface of the sheet glass, making it permanent. Because of this, you won’t ever have to worry about the design fading or washing off.

The colourful My Heart Standup has glass frits applied after the enamel has been sintered. We carefully arrange the glass frits within the boundaries of the design, then return the glass to the kiln for an additional firing.

During the firing, the glass is annealed. Because of this, the strength and durability of the glass is increased, so you know it will last for as long as you own the glass art.

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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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