• Maple Leaf on Clear Glass Sun Catcher
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  • Maple Leaf on Clear Glass Sun Catcher
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Maple Leaf Sun Catcher


A little bit of Canada for your window! Choose from a narrow spiked leaf, or a wider variety of Maple leaf.


Maple Leaf Sun Catcher

An icon of Canada, this Maple Leaf Sun Catcher is a sweet keepsake, or a delight to send to friends abroad.

  • Vibrant Fall Coloured Maple Leaf
  • 2-1/4″ size
  • Lightweight for windows
  • Perfect gift for limited space
  • Two styles: narrow or wide leaf

The Maple Leaf Sun Catcher is a vibrantly coloured fused glass ornament for your window. The colour is the glass itself, which means you don’t ever have to worry about this gorgeous design washing off or fading in the sun. You and your loved ones can enjoy the warmth it brings to your window for many years to come!

Measuring approximately 2-1/4″ in size, the Maple Leaf Sun Catcher is lightweight. This art is intended to hang in a window, so simply use a suction cup and enjoy the autumn leaf. It’s also perfect to keep birds from accidentally flying into the window. With limited space, this fun little piece of art can easily brighten any apartment or care home. 

Two styles of Maple Leaf are available for this sun catcher; choose from a wide and graceful leaf, or a narrow and spiked variety of maple.

How It’s Made:

We create the Maple Leaf Sun Catcher in multiple steps. First, we create the leaf using glass powders and fire just to hold the powders together. Next, we cut the clear glass to size and polish to remove debris or fingerprints. Once the glass is prepared, we carefully centre the delicate glass leaf onto the background glass. Then the piece returns into the kiln. During the firing process, the glass anneals and is strengthened as internal stresses are relieved. Once cooled, we drill the sun catcher, then tie a length of ribbon. 

Did you know?

Ornaments and sun catchers can be mailed as letter mail within Canada. This makes it a perfect gift to send some joy to your bestie!

Maple Leaf on Clear Glass Sun Catcher

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm


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