Love You To The Moon And Back Pendant


An infinite amount of love, captured close to the heart. When your sweetheart wears the Love You To the Moon And Back Pendant, they’ll always feel your love.



Love You to the Moon and Back Pendant

To the moon: 238,855 miles
and back: 477,710 miles, round trip.

  • Swoonworthy moon shape
  • Touchably textured surface
  • Approximately 2″ in diameter
  • Kiln-fired for strength and durability
  • Adjustable satin-weave rayon cord

Whether snuggling while stargazing on a cold winter night, or peeking out the window at a glowing full moon, the Love You to the Moon and Back Pendant will be a warm reminder of just how far your love goes.

Delightful to the fingers, you can feel the textured surface and be taken away to another time and place while thinking sweet nothings of your sweetheart. Measuring approximately 2″ in diameter, this tactile pendant can also be a soothing worry stone.

Because of the way we create the moons, no two pendants will be alike. Each pendant has a magical mix of powders, blended to create the shadows in the moon. Trust that you’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind pendant.

How’s it Made?

We create this fused glass jewelry using multiple steps. First, we cut and shape circles of glass, grinding any imperfections smooth. After cleaning the pieces, we use powdered glass to blend the colours of the moon. Each design will have slight variations, due to the handmade nature. Once the powder blends have been applied, we use a little bit of magic to create the craters! Using a droplet of water, the powders gather in a tiny splash, creating an interesting crater effect.

Once we have finished creating the texture, we fire the Love you to the Moon and Back pendants at a moderate temperature to ensure the texture remains intact. During the kiln-firing, we anneal the glass. This means any internal stresses within the glass are relieved, which increases strength and durability.

Once cooled, we drill the fused glass jewelry, add a wire bail, and tie an adjustable satin-weave cord. We tie the cording with a special knot which allows the pendant to be worn at full length (approximately 24″), or shortened as much to become a choker necklace. The adjustable cord makes it easy to slip over your head as you’re walking out the door.

Also featuring this textured moon design, is the Love You to the Moon and Back Lantern.

Fused glass pendant with text Love You to the Moon and Back shown held in a hand
Fused glass pendant with text Love You to the Moon and Back shown on size chart

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 15 × 26 × 2 cm


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