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GROW Stained Glass Wordy Panel


Growth is important!  The GROW Stained Glass Wordy Panel is a cheerful reminder to let your plants grow, and to let yourself grow!

*Note: Coloured side light may vary in colour, shade, or texture. Please contact admin@glassbyheather.com to see in stock options.

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The GROW Stained Glass Wordy Panel is traditional stained glass mixed with fused glass, making for a unique window panel. Hand designed letter tiles stack and remind you to keep your beloved house plants watered.  The light will shine through this colourful window panel and spread joy into your home.

The black lettering of GROW is created with glass powder and is kiln-fired into the glass, so it won’t ever wear off. The pink sidelight glass is a textured glass which will twinkle sunlight in different directions.

The solder has had a patina applied to blacken the lines and help the coloured glass to pop. Then a wax polish is applied to help the glass to shine, and protect the solder and the border.

A three foot length of chain can hang the panel from a single hook, or be separated to hang from two hooks for additional length.  I recommend using cup hook screws to hang stained glass.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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