• Fused Glass Graveyard Shift Lantern with open door
  • Fused Glass Graveyard Shift Lantern on a step
  • Grim Reaper Fused Glass Graveyard Shift Lantern
  • Glowing Fused Glass Graveyard Shift Lantern
  • Fused Glass Graveyard Shift Lantern

Graveyard Shift Lantern


Listen to the story of the Graveyard Shift Lantern, with the Seeker of Souls who ventures out at midnight. Lost souls beware; when the bell tolls, he will come for you.

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The spooky Graveyard Shift Lantern tells a dark story of death and collection. The dark misty skies and dew covered grass await.

  • Hand painted Grey Art Glass 
  • Quality Metal Lantern
  • One of a Kind wraparound design
  • Kiln fired for strength and durability
  • Dimensions are 6″x6″x12″
The hand painted Graveyard Shift Lantern has a wrap-around design, with each pane featuring a different element. Additionally, as you turn the lantern, you will learn a new aspect of the story.

The design is painted with glass enamels, mainly black silhouette along with sparkling pearl for the Grim Reaper’s scythe. The enamels are kiln-fired into the glass, which means they won’t ever wash off or fade. In addition, the grey colour of the glass is comprised of the glass itself, so it won’t fade or discolour in the sun. The firing and annealing process add strength to the glass. In other words, the panes of glass in the Graveyard Shift Lantern are more durable than single pane window glass.

The glass is hand cut and installed into a quality metal lantern. This way, you know you will receive a safe and dependable lantern. Measuring 6″x6″ and 12″ in height, the Graveyard Shift Lantern is a sizeable statement piece which makes a perfect centrepiece for the table, or an accent piece on the floor. Alternatively, you could also place the lantern on your front step to light the way.

The lantern is equipped with a hinged door with magnetic catch. As a result, it is easy to place a pillar candle or flickering LED light to show the silhouettes adorning the panes.

The Graveyard Shift Lantern

Gliding through the graveyard with a slow, methodic swish,
The Seeker of the Souls departs, sharpened scythe agleam.
Midnight raven, on nightly perch, observed the misty scene
Knowing that tonight the ground would be one more rich.

Grey skies hide the heavens from a lost soul’s final wish.
Their time outside this gated yard is over it would seem

But life already feels like it only was a dream.
And yet, this midnight stroll doesn’t feel like the finish.

The lost soul falls in step with Death but doesn’t need to weep
They have a sense of calm and merely breathe a sigh.
While their body prepares to sleep 
And the solitary oak stands by.

Light a candle in your Graveyard Shift Lantern tonight, to keep the Reaper at bay.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm


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