• Gnome Party Bowl Fused Glass Art Multi-colour Hats
  • Gnome Party Bowl Fused Glass Art Multi-colour Hats
  • Gnome Party Bowl Fused Glass Art Multi-colour Hats
  • Close up of Gnome Party Bowl Fused Glass Art with Multi-colour Hats

Gnome Party Bowl


Join the party, and display your holiday treats in this 10″ fused glass Gnome Party Bowl. A wild and exciting way to bring magic to your holiday decor.

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10" Gnome Party Bowl

It isn’t a party until there are gnomes.

  • Invigorating Colours
  • Beautiful bowl shape
  • Kiln Fired for strength and durability
  • Dimensions are 10″x10″
  • Perfect holiday decor

A vibrant splash of colour, the Gnome Party Bowl will add a pop of wild colour to your holiday decor. You can’t start the party until the gnomes arrive!

Measuring approximately 10×10″, this fused glass bowl is a fun centrepiece to displayThe contours of the gnome noses and beards are totally touchable. A perfect conversation piece as guests begin to arrive!

How’s It Made?

Handcrafted from art glass, we create the Gnome Party Bowl using multiple steps. First, we cut and polish the glass to the appropriate sizes. The hats are arranged carefully, centred equally. The beards are created using thin strips of glass, cut to various lengths to ensure a sculpted edge. These pieces are fired once to a high temperature to smooth the surface of the glass. Once the glass cools, we cut glass for the gnome noses and grind to shape. Then arrange them in place, and fire to a lower temperature to ensure the contoured texture remains.

Once the design is fired flat with all of the design elements, it goes into the kiln once more for a slump firing. This means the temperature is only high enough to soften the glass, enough for it to slump into a mold. When the glass cools, it retains the shape of the mold, while keeping all of the textured detail on the surface.

The colour in this artwork is the glass itself. This means you won’t ever have to worry about the colour fading or washing off. During the firing, we anneal the glass. Because of this, the strength and durability of the glass is increased, so you know it will last for many years.

See the full collection here: Gnome for the Holidays Collection!

Gnome Party Bowl Fused Glass Art Multi-colour Hats

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 20 cm


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