Frog Prince Lantern


If you are looking for your Prince Charming, look no further. The Frog Prince Lantern will have you swooning over your new true love.

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Frog Prince Lantern

Kissing the frog to get the prince is a waste of a perfectly good frog.

  • Quirky continuous wraparound panels
  • Quality metal lantern
  • Suitable for Indoor Decor or Outdoor Decor
  • 6″ x 6″ x 11″
  • 3-dimensional scenes

The silly design of the Frog Prince Lantern will have you and your guests smiling! This magical feeling scene features a kissable frog, looking for love. With fireflies galore, this froggy is only looking to capture your heart!

The wraparound design of these panels has the scene melting from one panel into the next, with textured elements catching the light, and your heart. Paired with this LED candle, this lantern is the perfect gift for your Valentine.

Measuring approximately 6″ x 6″ by 11″ in height, the Frog Prince Lantern is a perfect size to enjoy for indoor home decor. For example, you can display the lantern as a tabletop centrepiece. With each side a unique detailed design, the sides can be viewed from any angle, and is sure to be a conversation starter. Similarly, you can display the lantern easily on the floor as an accent piece, or as outdoor decor on the patio or step to welcome your guests.

How it’s Made:

We create the Frog Prince Lantern using multiple steps. Using glass powders, we create the 3-dimensional design elements, firing the frog, lily pads, and water lilies as individual pieces. Next, we cut the panels to size, and create the background design using powders for the water. We arrange the lily pads onto the water, then fire the designs so they fuse into the panel.

Once the pieces of cooled, we add the frog’s tongue using glass powders, carefully packing the shape into place using water to hold the powder in place. We give detailing to the lilies and add them to the water. Finally, we add the fireflies, ladybug, and heart, and the panels go in for a second firing, allowing the pieces to have a contoured appearance.

Once the panels have again cooled, we add the final detailing using enamels and gold lustre for the crown. The pieces are placed back into the kiln for their final firing to sinter the enamels and bring the lustre to a shine.

During the firing process, we anneal the glass to strengthen it for durability. Because of this, you can be sure to enjoy your lantern decor for many years to come.

Be sure to check out the Frog Prince Pendant, which also features a tiny heart and crown!

Frog Prince Lantern showing detail of funny frog prince on a lily pad and heart
Frog Prince Lantern showing detail of ladybug, water lily and lily pads

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 25 cm


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