• Crimson Poppy Plate with Texture
  • Crimson Poppy Plate holding Jewelry
  • Close up of Crimson Poppy Plate with Texture
  • Close up of Crimson Poppy Plate with Texture
  • Crimson Poppy Plate with Texture

Crimson Poppy Plate


The rippled surface of the Crimson Poppy Plate is delightfully touchable, and is the perfect size to add warmth and brighten your home or office.

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A dainty place to hold your favourite memories, the Crimson Poppy Plate adds sparkle and warmth to your bedside table or countertop.
  • Textured Surface
  • 7″ diameter
  • Bold Red colour
  • Kiln-Fired and Annealed for durability

The sparkling colour of the Crimson Poppy Plate shines dazzling streams of colour in the sun. For example, you may have visions of poppies dancing and swaying in the gentle breeze as the sun casts delightful shadows through the glass.

Measuring approximately 7″ in diameter, this plate is the ideal size to hold jewelry at your bedside table. Alternatively, it can add a splash of vibrant colour to your drab office workspace. When you use the plate daily for storing your special items, you’ll feel the warmth and meaning for what it symbolizes for you.

The creation of the textured surface of the Crimson Poppy Plate happens during the firing process. Melting glass frits into a textured ceramic mold, the glass holds the texture as it melts together, then cools. As a result, the finished piece of glass has a touchable surface with many lifelike ripples.

The bold red colour of the Crimson Poppy Plate is the glass itself. As noted above, the coloured glass frits, used to create the plate, are the glass itself. In other words, the colour will never fade or wash off. Due to this, the plate is very easy to clean. Simply use soap and water to clean the plate. Then, use a soft cloth to dry and polish back to its original sparkling shine.

Gift for a friend from afar?

Because the plate has been annealed, adding strength and durability, it is an excellent option to send to a friend. Alternatively, you can have your order shipped directly to a friend and include a personalized note.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller to mail as a gift, make sure to check out the Poppy Sun Catcher

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 cm


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