Cedar Waxwing Window Panel


These sleek looking birds show up in flocks, enjoying leftover crabapples and berries. The Cedar Waxwing Window Panel is a beautiful gift for the bird lover in your life.

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Cedar Waxwing Window Panel

Smooth and sleek, the waxwing family travels in groups, seeking fruit for treats.

  • Contoured fused glass
  • Realistic colour and detail
  • Approximately 7.5″x9″ (19cm x 23 cm)
  • Kiln-fired for durability
  • Stained glass frame
  • Durable chain to hang in window

The Cedar Waxwing Window Panel is a delightful reminder of these sleek flocks of bird. With vibrantly coloured accents and detailing, this stained glass window panel shines brightly in your kitchen or office window.

This piece of glass art is created by mixing fused glass elements, along with traditional stained glass techniques. Hand shaped pieces create a lifelike bird for your home.

How it’s Made:

We create the Cedar Waxwing Window Panel using multiple steps. First, we cut the clear glass to size for the background. Next, each of the pieces for the bird are cut and shaped to fit. We use various types of grinders to achieve the perfect shape. Once the glass pieces are cleaned, we paint the background design and set aside to allow to dry. The colour in the Cedar Waxwing is created using a blend of powdered glass to create the gradient in the feathers. A vibrant pop of red on the wings adds the final touch. The pieces are arranged in layers to mimic the 3-dimensional effect for the bird.

We fire the pieces just enough to allow a textured contour to the surface of the glass. This allows for a delightfully touchable piece of art. During the kiln firing, the glass is annealed which relieves internal stresses within the glass.  This creates a stronger and more durable piece of glass.

Once the glass cools, we cut the coloured border and wrap each piece in a copper foil. Next, the pieces are soldered together. Lastly, we add a lead border for a clean and crisp finish.

Each panel in the Birds of a Feather Collection hang from approximately 3 feet of sturdy chain. We recommend hanging your stained glass window using hooks in or above the window frame. Suction cups are not recommended.

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Close up of Cedar Waxwing Stained Glass Window Panel
Cedar Waxwing Stained Glass Window Panel

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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