• Blue and clear swirled earrings
  • Blue and clear swirled earrings
  • Blue and clear swirled earrings
  • Blue Sky Fused Glass Earrings
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Blue Sky Earrings


Swirled like a wispy sky, these blue earrings will feel like a cool summer breeze

*Due to the nature of this swirling glass, these earrings have a variety of pattern variations. To see and choose from exact styles currently available, please contact us.


Blue Sky Earrings

Behind the clouds, the sky is always blue.

  • Swirled blue and clear glass
  • Petite size is perfect for all day wear
  • Surgical stainless steel ear wires
  • Kiln Fired for strength and durability

Dreaming of shapes in the wispy clouds, the swirling blue in the Blue Sky Earrings will feel like a cool summer breeze. Bring along this feeling with you whenever you wear these delightful earrings. 

Conservatively sized, the fused glass earrings are a comfortable size, suitable for all-day wear. Available in a light and airy blue, or a vibrant deep blue, these earrings are a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

The colour in the Blue Sky Earrings is swirled within the glass itself. Because of this, the design is permanent and you never have to worry about the colour fading or washing off.

During the kiln firing, the glass is annealed for durability. In other words, this cool blue jewelry is strong enough for daily wear. The length of the glass beads is approximately 1″. Consequently, the overall size of the earrings is approximately 1-1/2″ long.

The earrings have surgical stainless steel ear wires, to allow a comfortable wear all day long. The earrings have rubber stoppers included, so you never have to worry about losing an earring.

Love it? Make it a set! Check out the Blue Sky Pendant and pair your perfect combination.

Did you know?

Grabbing it as a gift? You can send your Blue Sky Earrings directly to your recipient! I’ll even include a personalized gift note; just enter the contents of your desired note in the order notes at checkout! The perfect surprise for your bestie, or even a little gift to yourself.

Blue Sky Fused Glass Earrings

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm


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