About the Artist - Heather Dawson


I am so glad that you have taken time today to enjoy my artwork.  

We all have the same number of hours each day, and I spend my time ensuring that my glass work is my best possible work, for you.

I hope you find a piece of your happiness here today.

   • Heather Dawson


Aiming for excellence, Heather creates and shares happiness through the bright and vibrant colours of kiln-formed and stained glass. Dynamic and engaging, her passion for sharing the process is delivered with warmth and assuredness. With over 15 years of experience in glass-working, she is masterful in her detailed work, and genuine in her approach and love for creativity.

As a forever student, Heather yearns for knowledge in her medium. Because of this, Heather is continuously learning new glass-working techniques, and practicing those techniques until student rivals master. In some instances, trial and error can be a valuable teacher and the unexpected can result in something amazing. Heather’s passion for nature shines through in bright and bold colours. Her lightness and carefree energy are also apparent in many of her quirky creations.

Heather’s work is available in her online shop, as well as in person at various events around Manitoba including the WAVE Artist Studio Tour. See upcoming events here and add to your calendar.

About the Artist - Studio amongst the pines in winter
About the Artist - kilns and ceramic slumping molds

Click below for a peek behind the scenes!

In addition, I have included the clip of the introductory speech, which I gave to the class, to the beginning of this video.

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