Birds of a Feather Collection

With many requests over the years to add different birds, we have decided to stretch our wings! This expansion includes 5 new bird designs, plus restocks on the original 5 favourites.

See the 5 new designs, or see the full collection here!

Plus, check out these limited edition bird earrings and pendants!

Invite the Greenman in; the quiet watcher of the Grove.

Celtic knots represent how our lives twist and intertwine with each other. Some knots repeat and twist, others seem to continue for infinity.

Celebrate an inter-connected life with the designs in the Celtic Grove Collection, including the wise watcher of the forest in the Greenman Lantern!

Check out our seasonal favourites!

With the sun beaming through the window and the snow melting away, it’s easy to feel like Spring is right around the corner. Take a peek at our seasonal favourites and celebrate your Spring in style!

Manitoba glass artist Heather Dawson finds a unique way to complete an art installation, amid pandemic restrictions.

The Frasier Retirement Community in Boulder, Colorado was looking for a way to recognize donors that highlighted the ways their contributions supported the community. Turning that recognition into a work of art in itself, bringing beauty to the daily lives of all who live and work there was the perfect fit.

Karla Rikansrud, VP for Philanthropy & Social Responsibility at Frasier Retirement Community, reached out looking for glass leaves similar to a design she spotted on Heather’s website. She would be retiring in March, and was looking for a special way to commemorate their donors before her retirement. The 200 aspen leaves, intended to match the shape of their logo, needed to be smaller than the one from the commercial mold, which would require a different – and custom – ceramic mold.

Hear the rest of the story in the YouTube documentary International Installations; Art Crosses Borders, Even While We Can’t.

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